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Power Team Mechanical Pullers come in a variety of styles and configurations to meet the needs of your application.  Customers can choose between;

  • Mechanical Jaw Pullers - offered in 2-Jaw, 3-Jaw and 2/3-Jaw styles and capacities up to 25T.
  • Bi-directional Pullers – offer up to 30T of pushing or pulling force, depending on the setup.
  • Specialty Puller Accessories – Do you have a unique application? Perhaps a Power Team Slide Hammer Puller, Bearing Cup Puller or Pulley Pullers are what you need!


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HYDRAULIC PULLERS - Power Team Pullers

Power Team offers several varieties of hydraulic pullers to meet the needs of your application.  Choose one of the following types:

  • Hydraulic Pullers – Offered in 2-Jaw, 3-Jaw and 2/3-Jaw configurations for up to 50T of force.
  • Bi-Directional Pullers – Offer up to 50T of pushing or pulling force, depending on the setup.
  • Push Pullers – Power Team Push Pullers are ideal for installing a wide variety of press-fit parts.


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POSI LOCK PULLERS - Power Team Pullers

With Power Team Posi Lock® , pulling bearings is a one-person operation. The T-handle and “Safety Cage®” control the jaws at all times. This means that the opening, closing, locking and aligning of the jaws is all done automatically by simply turning the T- handle.  The Posi Lock Pullers are offered in both mechanical and hydraulic versions.

  • Mechanical - Mechanical pullers use a center bolt to provide force on the shaft enabling jaws to extract object in a controlled manner. Mechanical pullers are offered in capacities between 1T and 40T.
  • Hydraulic - Hydraulic cylinder reacts off shaft enabling jaws to extract object in a controlled manner. Hydraulic pullers are offered in 5T to 50T capacities.

Power Team Posi Lock Pullers are also offered in high tonnage varieties (100T & 200T) to provide the maximum extraction force in applications requiring high force removal of large gears, pulleys, wheels, sleeves and other press fit parts.

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ENFORCERS - Power Team Pullers

The SPX FLOW Power Team Enforcer Pullers are offered in 55T and 100T versions and share the following features:

  • Hydraulically-actuated jaws allow the cylinder to move in or out with a safe, secure grip on the work piece.
  • The hydraulic lift system allows for easy, precise position of puller.
  • A unique dual pump arrangement allows a low pressure pump to position, hold and open jaws. Then, the high pressure pump advances and retracts the pushing cylinder without releasing clamped jaws.


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Power Team offers some unique pullers for railroad applications. With both sling and jack models available and two pumps to choose from, you can tailor the unit to match your needs. Each unit comes with a heavy-duty 100-ton hydraulic cylinder, 10,000 PSI pump with remote control solenoid valve, hydraulic pressure gauge, a pulling shoe and installing tube.


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PULLER BLANKETS - Power Team Pullers

When using hydraulic or manual pullers for gears, bearings, wheels, or pulleys, SPX FLOW always recommends using Puller Blankets, along with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Our puller blankets are designed to contain leaking fluid, loose or broken parts and debris during the pulling or forcing operation.


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Once you selected the appropriate puller for your application, make sure that you the necessary attachments and accessories to complete the job. Whether you need an adapter compatible with any number of threaded hole sizes, protecting the part to be pulled or for assisting the installation of a component; Power Team offers a variety of adapters to assist in the removal or installation of parts.


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PULLER SETS - Power Team Pullers

Power Team offers several combinations of Puller Sets. Choose one of the following sets to add to your tool crib or maintenance tools.

  • IPS Series - These “Master Puller Sets” are offered with mechanical pullers, or a combination of manual and hydraulic pullers. Each set contains pullers, a hand pump and several accessories.  Customers can choose pulling capacities of 10T, 17.5T, 30T and 50T.
  • Posi Lock Puller Bundles – These turnkey puller sets offer 2-Jaw or 3-Jaw pullers, paired with a hand pump or electric pump, cylinder, hose and gauge.


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